How a well contrived website created a Differential Positioning for a Startup Incubator

A Group of Investors with a Legacy of 15 Years of mentoring Digital Startups had a very strong belief in the concept of time being the utmost important to an entrepreneur & more so to an Investor.

Like Startups the Start-up Incubation Market Is Cluttered too, therefore, when the Brand, 'Idea Wave Labs' conceptualized on the idea of having a Website, the brief was of only 2 words 'No Nonsense & Minimalistic'.

Client's Need

The primary intention was to call the interested 'Idea Owners' & Filter the Most Enticing Idea

Create a Differential positioning with a website in an online market where it's easy to fall in the 'Look Alike' trap.

Digital Marketing In Internet Industry

The Solution

The Website had to disseminate the Brand’s Belief & Style of working in the most transparent form.

Internet Industry Digital Case Studies

Case Study On Internet Industry Web Design
Well Thought of Layout

To bring Minimalism & Transparency on the same page we created only 3 Categories:

  • About the Brand - The Investing Belief & Prowess
  • What & How – What we are looking for & How we can work together
  • Getting In touch - Call to Action from Interested Idea Owners

Transparency in Information Dissemination

After Brainstorming on What will encourage people to share their ideas we decided & created 5 Categories.
  • The belief, 6 Elements To Succeed
  • The Process followed before investing
  • What Idea Wave Labs will bring to the table
  • What will Idea Wave Labs take in Return
  • The Exit Process

Captivating Call to Action

A Single Form was Created for the ‘Idea Owners’ to Share the Idea where the website visitors have to write & send their ideas in 140 Characters
The crisp content made it convenient for the investors to Curate the most Potential Ideas without wasting much time.

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