Entering the Online Market place to enhance Brand Visibility and Increase Sales

Bridgestone is the world's largest manufacturer of tyres in the world with production facilities in 24 countries worldwide

Client's Need

Bridgestone already had tyres being sold on various online portals

However, it wanted to have its own branded online tyre selling portal
as it was raring to go in for the new e-commerce trend

Tyre Industry Digital Marketing Strategy

The Solution

We created an ecommerce website with the latest design and technology

Website Design Case Study Of Tyre Industry

Case Study Of Website Design In Tyre Industry
Following features were incorporated in order to meet international website standards:

Dynamic Tyre Module
A module which made searching for the preferred tyre pattern from over a 1000 tyre patterns extremely easy

Ecommerce Integration
Selling any product online requires a completely hassle-free user journey on the online portal. Hence, we integrated extremely user-friendly e-commerce functionality on the website which made purchasing tyres online very easy

The UI & UX was designed as per international ecommerce website standards to provide a convenient website journey for the users

Google Map Integration
Bridgestone's pan India network of 3000+ dealers was listed on the website with Google map integration

Responsive Design
Website was designed to be all-device compatible

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