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8 Mar

The Genesis of #ReGenesis

My Wings May Have Been Clipped, But I Will Rise.
Free from the Shackles, Like The Phoenix, I Will Rise.
Beyond all Ties, Only to Soar High…’

On 8th March 2016, Women’s Day was observed globally. On this one day, Social Media (our current parallel world) is flooded about stories, grievances & various cases inequality the women face to survive in this society. But is that it? Can dedicating just a single day & talking about change can just happen by a ‘Share’ or a ‘Like’? As we are taught in Marketing, where is the Call-to-Action? But alas! That usually doesn’t happen since “dude who is gonna take action & remove time from their busy lives, right?” And before I spark another reaction with this statement, I emphasize on the word ‘usually’. Because unlike always, today we do not write on the hypocrisy we all go through just by sitting behind our computer screens, but would like to throw light on a larger issue of taking a step towards redevelopment.

Therefore, this Women’s Day, we at DR thought to do something different. This thought provoked us to start #ReGenesis, a Social Initiative by all of us at Digital Republik where we aim to give a ‘Digital 101’ to those in need.

True to the name ReGenesis, we started our initiative by enabling the survivors & rescuers of Human trafficking with digital media skills that can help them organize their own resistance and break free into a second life.

The morning of our program, anxious & nervous, we entered the Prerana Anti-Trafficking center situated at Grant Road East. We were greeted with the brightest smiles and the loveliest of humans. The welcoming Coordinators along with the rescued girls were excited to attend #ReGenesis and were bubbling with questions! “Didi, agar aap bolte ho ke internet free hai toh hum kyun Internet data pack 300 MB ka lagate hai? Internet Free kaise hua?” asked Vaishanvi! (If You say Internet is free, then why do we have to buy an Internet Pack of 300 MB? How is it free then?) We were completely baffled at her question. But what took our attention was the way she was thinking! This definitely was a mind of a future entrepreneur thinking practically.

From what is Digital Marketing to how by being digitally savvy accelerate their dreams of creating their own identity, it was a day, where we all of us left learning something valuable:

One learnt the Power of Digital, the other, the Power of Indomitable Spirit.

Thank you, Prerana Anti Human Trafficking NGO, for giving us the unforgettable opportunity to meet the lovely & brave ladies, & most importantly, for giving the girls a second chance at Life.

Perhaps, this was a chance of ‘LITERAL’ #ReGenesis.

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