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15 Aug

Facebook Upped Their Design- Now it’s Your Turn!

Facebook Page For Business

When Facebook started off in 2004, it was as simple as your name, your photo and your basic details. It has come a long, long way since then, and it continues to evolve and grow as time goes by. The reason that Facebook has been around so long and has beaten competitors like Orkut is this constant transformation that is driven by changes in technology and user interaction.

Taking a cue from Facebook’s success, business marketers should keep in mind that it is necessary to be flexible enough to evolve along with the ever-changing digital face. Keep an eye out for new features and layout changes on Facebook and other social platforms, and update and align your brand’s strategic plan in accordance.

The New Facebook Business Page Design
One of the first things you’ll notice about Facebook’s new page layout is that it appears much more spacious and less cluttered in comparison to older versions. The information, buttons and features are no longer all crammed at the top of the page. The profile picture is more prominent and its new top left position ensures it does not overlap part of the cover picture.

Below your cover photo, the new Facebook business page layout has a prominent call-to-action button which can be used to direct people to your website. And since Facebook is one of the pillars of the online experience, this has the potential to garner a lot of leads, elevating it from its status of an “engagement platform”.

The search box has also been highlighted and more prominently placed. And last but not the least – the pages have been made completely ad-free, allowing users to focus solely on your brand and content.

What this Means for Your Brand
Even though we love the latest update, the Facebook layout is always changing. It’s important as a brand marketer to stay on top of these changes.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your Facebook business page is in line with the platform’s latest changes:

  • Check to see that your cover photo and profile picture look right on a desktop and various mobile environments- iOS app, android app and mobile web browsers.
  • Edit or replace old artwork, if required and remove any outdated content or links.
  • Create a call-to-action button. You can choose from a range of options like call now, shop now and contact us.
  • Test your new search box using keywords that are important to your brand and make the necessary changes to your content, if any.

All in all, Facebook’s new page layout is geared towards better brand promotion. What matters now is that your business adopts the right strategy to make the most of it.

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