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14 Dec

How some B2B Brands Increase Sales through their Websites

The commercial landscape is changing at a very fast pace. Every day, new trends are cropping up. A buyer’s focus when visiting a B2B site is convenience. Therefore it becomes important for your site to influence your audience through appealing design and more. On average, researchers do 12 searches prior to engaging with a particular brand’s website.

With B2B e-commerce expected to hit 12 trillion USD in sales worldwide by 2020, some of the best B2B e-commerce sites are set to take off in a major way. B2B e-commerce denotes business to business electronic commerce which is the selling of services or products between businesses via the internet through an online sales portal. Generally, B2B e-commerce improves a company’s efficiency as these orders are processed digitally instead of manually.

By learning some tricks of the trade, you can ensure that your website is one of the better innovative B2B e-commerce sites available. Here are some companies that have already taken the market by storm & what has worked for them:

  • Fisher Scientific: Providing medical and laboratory supplies and equipment, Fisher Scientific’s website makes great use of promotions. A promotions page with multiple offers gives nice discounts.
  • Haas Automation: Haas Automation is a manufacturer of machine tools. If a business thinks its products are too expensive and too big to sell online, creates a quote for such items. The site ensures consistency in the pricing and sales process.
  • Grainger: A leader in providing industrial supplies, Grainger’s site is complete with features that make it easy for business buyers. Some of these facilities include estimated product arrival time and a mobile app.
  • MSC Industrial Supply: A worldwide supplier of industrial tools and equipment, MSC Industrial Supply’s website has a simple process for buyers to allocate and track expenses. Buyers can log in and create categories and values for company personnel to use later.
  • 4Imprint: With the goal of solving a customer’s problems, 4Imprint provides promotional products. The site reduces perceived risks by giving clear guarantees as well as a section for customer reviews.
  • Herman Miller: An office furniture provider, Herman Miller has a handy selector that guides buyers into finding the right piece of furniture. The products page provides information on reviews, a product Q&A, satisfaction guarantee and a shipping date.
  • Pasternack: A supplier of microwave components and radio frequency devices, provides helpful content supporting shoppers while they purchase their products. It also enables buyers to build customised and unique products.
  • New Pig: New Pig’s products prevent spills, leaks, drips, and also provide clean up. Buyers can order products to auto-ship thus continually receiving the products. This gives convenience to buyers and increases the lifetime value of the company.

The most innovative B2B e-commerce sites will comfortably ride the popularity wave created by an increasing number of customers. Hearing what your customers want is an important part of ensuring your site works. Create a great customer experience that acts as a screen to the complex strategies you may be using behind-the-scenes. A great site can transform the way B2B companies go about their business. Learn from these B2B masters and use the best blueprints to experience the success firsthand!

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