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14 Dec & Why Your Brand Needs It!

Today, there are several social destinations used by influencers to convey their message and to communicate with users. Among the typical assortment of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. is a new and upcoming platform called   Created in China, has gained much traction for teenagers, and has acquired a total of 117 million users. The app focuses on people lip-syncing or dancing to music, which can...
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23 Aug


Read our story on Social Samosa as Digital Republik got featured on Social Samosa’s Social Media Agency canvas. Read Original Article here Who are we? Digital Republik is a ‘Strategy meets Technology’ led new media marketing agency. We work with Global Clients to help them succeed in the new online and socially connected world. All of our award-winning work is focused on driving measurable business impact for our Clients, whether it is...
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14 Dec

Top 10 marketing Tips this Holiday Season by Ronika Shah, Group Account Director, Digital Republik

Over the last few years, e-commerce has completely monopolised holiday and festive sales. This year, Rs 25,000 crore was spent during the sales season on platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart. There was a huge spike in mobile traffic as well, and e-commerce portals are doing well all through year. As the festive season continues, everybody is looking for new holiday marketing ideas. With the government's...
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10 Oct

Startup Marketing : 10 Things to Watch Out For

Starting your own business could be the best or worst decision you make in your career. It could be extremely rewarding on the one hand, but also rather stressful on the other. Your company will make demands on your focus and time unlike any you’ve experienced before, but in the end, whether you succeed or fail, it should all be worth it. While many factors go...
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13 Sep

Apps in Your Pocket with Ronika Shah, Group Account Director, Digital Republik

My 4 Frequently Used Apps: Evernote:"Well prepared, is a battle half won". My preparation is led by 'Evernote' It helps me organize almost all my professional and personal tasks. Since it's a cross-platform tool, I can access it through any device. Evernote product features have helped me become more productive, by consolidating my day all in one place. From my Meeting and Strategy Notes, to tasks and...
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13 Sep

Marrying Offline and Online, by Priyanka Shroff, COO, Digital Republik

Online And Offline Marketing Strategies
Over the last decade, marketing has evolved at an exponential rate. Some experts even go as far as saying that digital marketing has overthrown traditional marketing whereas others feel it is just the flavour of the season. Well the truth is, the two coexist harmoniously and work together to expand your brand like never before. In order to stand apart from the crowd and be remembered,...
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15 Aug

No More ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Marketing! Make way for Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing
Picture this: You are at a clothing store with the most fashionable ensembles you’ve ever seen! You rush to the shelves, ecstatically picking up one clothing after the other thinking ‘this will make me a head turner’, only to realize they do not even have a sock available in your size… Did we just hear a heartbreak? If the clothes you seek shouldn’t be 'One-Size-Fits-All', why should...
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