A New Website for Integrated Spaces: well know Real Estate company

Integrated Spaces has been enriching the lives of middle-income people living in the suburbs of Mumbai through its visionary housing solutions for over three decades. From offering 1 BHK to 4 BHK they envision to become the preferred partners to those who need space for human endeavors.

Brand's Need

Create a User Friendly Website thereby reducing the bounce rate

Create a Website with a unique positioning in Real Estate Market where the competition is stiff and hard to keep customers attracted

Improve the overall Content Strategy and User Experience to make Website more engaging

Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design

The Solution

Bespoke Design
Integrated Spaces website showcases their middle-class profile clients which demonstrates credibility in the mass market and sets them apart from their competitors. The website fulfils its purpose as a conversion tool for referred clients, with a 100% conversion rate

Website Design
Revamped the Website with User Friendly Interface and Optimized the Website thereby making it SEO Friendly

Increase Engagement
Enabled Blog Marketing with blogs on current scenario in the real estate sector and various other insights helped to increase traffic on the website and thereby made the website more engaging

Mobile Accessibility
Provide efficient user experience and content strategy that translates to horizontal and vertical and all screen dimensions. As a result, our mobile responsive design also saw great results, with mobile users enjoying longer than average visits

Want to see the needle move on your sales?