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Did you know that prices for Cancer Medicines can vary from Rs.5000 to Rs.1 Lac - For the same drug!

In reality, the retail price of these specialty medicines vary significantly – from 100% to 500% in some cases. By creating artificial scarcity or arbitrary retail pricing, Doctors & Pharmacists, continue to mislead patients.
The biggest gap in the market today the lack of a credible source for ‘truthful & honest’ information about Specialty Drugs. We chose to lift the curtain on this issue.
Highlight the TRUTH.
By building a Patient Information Platform, that genuinely and transparently provides On-Demand information about the ‘Availability & true retail price’ of Cancer Related medicines.

Build an active VOICE.
Use Social Media to create awareness and highlight this particular issue.

  • Minimal Online Presence: The online presence of the brand was almost negligible. As a result, opportunities to generate leads online were being missed upon.
  • No Brand Awareness: Lack of Brand Awareness, meant lack of business through online mediums
National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) took notice within 7 months slashed the prices of some Cancer Medicines available in India. This was a HUGE Achievement & a TRUE IMPACT, more than just social numbers.

  • Visitors in 8 Months : 2 lacs
  • Daily from across India: 220 calls
  • Social Shares: 700+
  • Views on Video: 96k+
  • Reach in 10 days: 1mn
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