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  • A significant problem in this industry is to connect with the last loop in the distribution channel - Retail Outlet. At this point of sale, the Carpenter is the real decision maker & purchaser of Polygel's products.
  • To ensure that the Carpenter, chooses to purchase Polygel's products, especially when faced with a well entrenched & well known competing brands in the adhesives business, was the biggest challenge.
  • No amount of incentives or offers seemed to attract & retain the Carpenters. Furthermore, most offers or schemes as they are known in the industry parlance would never make it to the Carpenter.
  • To ensure Purchase of Polygel's Products.
  • To build loyalty with the target group - carpenters and contractors.
  • To create a validated database of the target group.
  • Be impactful & have an indirect influence on the store sales, resulting in repeat buying.
  • Build connection with the carpenters who would be the direct beneficiaries of the program.
It was clear to us that Technology & a 'New Economy' thinking was the only way to create a program that was effective & cost efficient.
The core foundation of building the program was, to make it as simple for the end consumer to use it as possible.
We created a Carpenter-Relationship-Management' program called "JodoAurKamao".
  • 5,000+
    Registered Loyal

  • 400+
    Carpenters are being
    added to the program
    every month
  • 3 Lakhs
    Registered Carpenters earning every month.

  • 2 Lakhs
    Redemption every month which shows high engagement.
In our business, customer acquisition is key. Digital Republik managed to optimize our digital presence so our cost per lead/acquisition has gone down while increasing conversions.
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