Soccer Connections

PSL India P. Ltd. is a Mumbai headquartered Grassroots, soccer development company, operating two brands - 'Soccer Connections' and 'Just-For-Kicks' ( across 140 Schools in 4 cities in India.
  • In an age where Parents worry about a sedentary life for their kids, glued in front of a television screen or a hand-held device.
  • PSL's brand, Soccer Connections needed to address this concern & provide the means to get their kids out there on the field.
  • Soccer has overtaken the minds of children in India today, far surpassing Cricket, but very few were being coached professionally.
  • Build a loyal Soccer community Online for Parents as well as Kids.

  • Provide an online Platform for Parents to register themselves & their kids for JFC.
  • Create a Social Awareness & Reach.

Created an E-commerce Website to easy Transactions
Reached out to Parents & Kids through Social Media & Google Adwords
Created engaging Contests like #TheUltimateSoccerNerd & #MyJFCSelfieConnections
  • 15,060
    FB Likes
    October 2014 to
    March 2015
  • 100,000+
    #TheUltimateSoccerNerd Contest Reach on FB

  • 4,035
    The Average Monthly Traffic

  • 202
    Leads generated from
    Google Adwords

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