#UntoldNoMore is a public, not for profit campaign initiated by an artist, Camellia Suman to highlight the prevailing issue of Women Abuse in Indian Society. With #UntoldNoMore, he wishes to provide a platform for all the women to SEEK help, SUPPORT the cause, and SHARE their struggles against abuse.
  • Trend #UntoldNoMore to start a movement against Women Abuse
  • Maximize Visibility and build Credibility in the minds of people
  • Encourage abuse survivors to share their stories by developing a network of Advocates for Women’s Rights committed to social change
  • No Online Presence: Being a public, not for profit cause, the Online Presence was negligent making it difficult to reach out to the intended target audience
  • No Credibility: The cause being sensitive, had no credibility making it difficult to encourage survivors to come out with their story
Influencer Marketing Case Study
  • Successfully collaborated with Influencersat No Commercial Engagement through Social Media platforms who acted as a medium to amplify and spread awareness among people about the cause and encourage survivors to come out with their stories and let it be UntoldNoMore
  • Collaborated with NGOs who provided counselling to the survivors who reached out for help
  • Created a Microsite whereby the survivors had an option to get in touch and seek help from the NGO partners, share their stories and/or support the cause
  • Generated Awareness among people about the Types and Signs of Abuse and how to Overcome the same through various Social Media posts
  • 40 lacs+ Facebook Reach
  • Collaborated with renowned influencers/organizations like:
    o Feminism in India
    o KeshmaSavla
    o Natasha Noel
    o Shutapa Paul
    o Meghna Pant
    o Geeta Tandon
    o Sarah T; who are strong advocates against the Women Abuse scenario in India
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