Pest Out is MNR Marketing LLP's first offering. An intelligent pest control device, it has been developed after extensive research on pest behaviour and their response to various stimuli. It has been tested for its efficacy in field trials as well as laboratories with excellent results.

In a market place offering variety of pest repellent products, the challenge here was to create brand awareness & sales through Online mediums.

The need of a pest repellent is there in the market, however there is no loyalty for brands. The major challenge Pest Out faced was to standout in a market full of similar products & create a niche for itself.
Pest Control Email Marketing
What we did
  • Implemented Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing for Brand Awareness & Engagement
  • A targeted Google Adword Strategy was implemented to garner sales
  • The communication was focussed on talking about the USPs i.e. why Pest Out has an edge over the others, etc. In addition to that, various content pieces were created on Social Media to solve the problem of pests. The informative content made the consumers connect with the brand
  • The product was made available on all the Affiliate Marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart with relevant optimisation done for each portal
Pestout Digital Marketing Case Study
Social Media For Pest Control Marketing
  • Our overall Digital Marketing activities resulted in a 200% increase in the Total Sales
  • Increase in the Website Traffic by 400% in just 7 months
  • Apart from the Pest Out website, sales on e-commerce portals such as Amazon & Flipkart shot up by 850%
  • Our Social Media activities on Facebook and Linkedin led to a 300% increase in engagements
Pest Repeller Social Media Strategy
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