• Enhance Brand Recognition and Credibility in the Minds of Consumers.
  • Maximize Brand Engagement through various Social Media Activities.
  • Maximize Brand Awareness in and around specifically Mumbai.
  • Generate and Increase Leads by leveraging its Online Marketing Activities.
Digital Republik’s Strategy & Contribution
  • Defined the Consumer’s Online Search Behavior through a set of relevant keywords and rolled out a strategic Google AdWords Campaign
    • 20 + Campaigns
    • 500 + Ad groups
  • Rolled out Retargeting campaigns on other platforms like Yahoo InMail and Website Retargeting Campaigns on Adroll that helped in capturing the missed opportunities
  • Focused on 200+ searched keywords in the slimming industry and targeted them through SEO Off-Page strategy
  • 40+ Blog Articles were created in the span of One Year
  • Ran Content Marketing Campaigns on Taboola & other such platforms
  • Social Media helped in Generating Leads and increasing the overall
Brand Awareness
  • 10+ Campaigns
  • 30+ Adsets
  • 50+ Active Ads
  • Social Media Listening helped in maintaining the Online Reputation of the brand and increase the Brand Credibility
  • A customized Lead Management System was developed to process the Lead Funnel and increase ROI
  • 2500+ Leads generated every month
  • 60% were categorized as ‘Qualified and Interested Leads’
  • 2 Million+ Facebook Reach every month
  • 80+ Relevant keywords searched, started to rank on the First Page of Google.
Want to see the needle move on your sales?