Rais Institute of Management Studies (RIMS) was founded in 2003. Founded as a core management institute, RIMS has now become a complete K12 school catering to students of all age groups.
  • Improve Brand Visibility, Credibility and Recognition in the minds of the consumers.
  • Maximize Brand Awareness in and around Mumbai.
  • To increase Admission Enquiries by leveraging its online marketing activities.
  • Defined the consumer’s online search behavior through explicit set of relevant keywords.
  • Database Retargeting on Facebook by characterizing the Audience and their socioeconomics.
  • Provided aservice whereby leads were checked so as to isolate junk leads out thereby creating a lead funnel.
  • 100+ Leads in a span of 1 month
  • On an average, 50% were categorized as ‘Qualified & Interested’
Want to see the needle move on your sales?