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Marketing in this sector is about being present where the Health Care seekers are. Building credibility and
a referenceable brand name, therefore, becomes critical.


Few Impact Stories

Our Experience in the Healthcare Sector is vast, here are a few case studies that you may find interesting
Founded in 2009 as the first Indian biotechnology company to introduce Stem Cell Banking in India. Cord blood banking in Mumbai is gaining noteworthy importance which is worth a thought and applauds.
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Wellness Forever is your one stop 24-hour online wellness & health store. Our experienced team of merchandisers are specially designated & trained to identify & choose...
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  • Spread Awareness & Promoted MAS (Minimal Access Surgery) like Scar Less Fibroid Removal, Appendix Removal, Pinhole Surgery for Hernia, Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Achieved high Google ranking in the MAS treatment specific keywords
  • Received patient enquiries from Metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, & Amritsar with an average CPL (Cost Per Lead) of INR 500
  • Created a 360 degree integrated marketing strategy leading to:
  • 50 Genuine Braces Specific Enquiries every month
  • A robust patient enquiry management system for Quick Responses & Tracking of the Leads
  • Invisalign Braces Campaign was promoted on Social Media & Search (Google) for awareness

  • Developed a new Website with International design & marketing standard
  • The Website was Optimized with Relevant Keywords to match the Latest Search (Google) Algorithm
  • Created Patient appointment Module on the website

"Healthcare Marketing is a science, just like the providing any healthcare Services. DR are the Expert Doctors in this section! Thumbs up!"

Pallavi Kunder, Marketing Manager, Beams Hospital

"A thorough professional team. We used to first internally take care of Digital Marketing & it got us barely 10 leads a month. But with systematic planning & strategy from DR, our Leads jumped by 100%! Nice Work."

Rajesh Patil, Orthodontist, Braces & Smiles

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