Banner Engineering

Banner is a global leader in process and industrial automation.
The product catalogue includes over 30,000 automation products
which includes sensors, machine safety, lighting & indicators &
more - the most comprehensive in the industry. It provides solution
to industries like agriculture, automotive beverage, electronic, oil & gas.

  Brand Challenges
  • HIGH Cost Per Lead
    Well-known brand in the industry category, with credible online marketing efforts using Search Marketing to generate business leads. However, the cost to acquire these leads using 'Search' was very high.

What we did
  • Defined their consumer's online search behavior & accordingly strategized their Lead Generation activity
  • A targeted search strategy was created for their India, Europe & Middle East market
  • 2-fold Search Strategy was drafted, where the immediate buyers & researchers were grouped
    • a. The Direct Buyers, with immediate buying intentions were targeted with the paid ads
    • b. The Researches, where the buying intention weren't immediate, they were targeted with organic (unpaid) search so that we don't burn budgets on Google ads without any result

In a span of 1 year:
  • The Company got more leads within the same budget due to reduction in cost per lead
  • The search had not only become cost effective but also a key source for lead generation
  • Search Traffic on the website increased by 200%, which accounted to traffic of 1 Lac per month
  • In India - Cost Per Lead came down to INR 450 from INR 1000
  • Internationally (Europe & Middle East) - Cost Per Lead was reduced by 65%
Retail Lead Generation

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